Our Team

Susy Francis Best, PsyD, MBA

A results driven corporate leader, strategist, leadership and business development executive coach and trainer, Dr. Susy is passionate about transformational growth. Dr. Susy supports leaders and teams in creating maximum impact by fully understanding and accepting themselves and their dynamics from a strengths-based perspective. In this way, everyone is free to authentically work with the highest level of energy and creativity realizing products and services that are most aligned to the desires and needs of their customers and stakeholders. Dr. Susy deeply values civic engagement, and is active in Chicago, and “at home” in the US Virgin Islands. A Fellow of Leadership Greater Chicago, she serves on several boards including the Leadership Fellows Association Board, Chicago Education Partnership Charter Schools, City Church Chicago, and Board Chair of Family Bridges/Lazos Familias USA. unity, and good food.

Malinda Crosby

Malinda is a tenured Human Resources professional, facilitator, and instructor with 20-years of experience working with individuals and business in the corporate, private, and not for profit sectors. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator through the Institution for Health and Human Potential and an adult communications styles facilitator. In addition, Malinda is passionately involved in spreading ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) measures importance, awareness, and education. This passion for ESG is seen in her drive to continually focus on the pivotal Social pillar of ESG. How does a company treat and interact with their employees? With their suppliers? With their community? With their customers? Social responsibility drives her to create inclusive, diverse and equitable environments where all individuals can not just grow and develop but THRIVE.

Lisa Hamilton

Lisa Hamilton is a highly accomplished transformational leader with over three decades of leadership experience. She is skilled in leading, motivating, and collaborating with a large cross-functional team. She is experienced in building, developing, and implementing business initiatives that drive revenue growth, sales productivity, new customer acquisition, and successful integration. Lisa is an expert in developing and implementing diversity and inclusion programs to support talent management and business objectives. She has a passion for coaching individuals to fully own their life and career choices and to pursue paths that honor their values.

Brandice Acree, MSM, MBA

Brandice is a relationship specialist with over a decade of experience in training leaders on how to show up in the world. Her most recent assignment allowed her to coach employees, facilitate and improve culture and wellness programs within the organization. She has served as a coach between senior leadership and frontline employees; helping them to build connections and foster relationships. She has also discovered a great passion for helping organizations maximize employee engagement while reaching organizational success. Brandice expertise lies in individual and group coaching, where she helps her clients bring their full vision to life. She believes it is a journey that they take together. She has a unique ability to help others naturally form a strong bond with their top 5 talents. Brandice uses a hands-on very engaging approach to meet her clients where they are to build a customized program.

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